V1.0.0 ShopHub Officially Released

Available features:

1. Authorization: Supported for merchants in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam with a SHOPLINE or Shopee store. An unlimited number of stores can be authorized. 


2. Products: Product names, images, SKUs, and other types of product details can be imported into the ShopHub system. Different product categories can also be created for easier management. 


3. Products: Support is provided for the bulk import of products into SHOPLINE and Shopee stores. Once a product has been edited and meets SHOPLINE or Shopee's requirements, it can be published immediately. 


4. Listing: You can sync already published products from SHOPLINE and Shopee stores with the ShopHub platform. All of these products can then be managed from the same platform, without the need to alter product details directly for each store. 


5: Listing: You can also move products between SHOPLINE and Shopee stores, to quickly increase sales channels. 


6: Orders: ShopHub allows you to sync orders from both SHOPLINE and Shopee stores with ShopHub. Orders can then be processed from the ShopHub platform, including logistics management, shipping, packing, printing waybills, providing shipping information, etc. 


7: Inventory: Support is provided for the management of local product inventory SKUs, allowing users to check inventory levels for orders awaiting shipment, as well as current stock levels so that warehouses can be replenished in a timely manner. 


8: Setup: Support is provided for setting up a default timezone and currency that is the same as an account.