V1.1.0 Lazada is now available & order features updated

Lazada is now available for channel integration

  1. [Channel Authorization] We support unlimited account authorization with Lazada Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia sites.
  2. [Products] We support adding products to Lazada store. Merchants now can edit the product based on Lazada’s guidelines and publish directly.
  3. [Listings] Merchants may now sync the products listed on Lazada store with ShopHub in order to execute centralized management. 
  4. [Listings] Merchants may also move products listed on Lazada store to SHOPLINE/Shopee store to expand their sales channels.
  5. [Order] Support syncing orders from Lazada store to ShopHub for easier management, features include allocating delivery service for orders, generating tracking no., printing shipping labels, packing, submitting shipping information etc.
  6. [Inventory] ShopHub real-time updates inventories of the local products connected with Lazada, each channel’s stock will be updated based on the product’s current stock and number of To Be Shipped. 


Optimized Orders Section

A. [Orders] The section has been upgraded and divided to [Ship Orders] and [View Orders]

1. The new [View Orders] section - Search or view details of all synced orders from SHOPLINE/ Shopee/ Lazada.

2. While the [Ship Orders] is the original [Order] content.

B. [Ship Orders] - Added [Inventory] and [Days to ship] filters

1. Support filtering orders based on their inventory status.
2. Support filtering orders based on their remaining days to ship.

3. [Abnormal Orders] New editing features such as delete orders and remove abnormal orders.



Optimized Product Moving in Listings Section

Support moving products partially upon selection