V1.3.4 Optimization on product gallery and order

One, if there are channel products in the product gallery, save those products completely under product gallery based on product dimension

Saving of products under the product gallery will be executed only once after the successful authorization of store, system will no longer save products to the gallery automatically


Two, optimization of product stocking

1, 【Setting】: added item「Automatic stocking」 in setting. Once enabled, it will run directly after creating local products, and all SKUs which haven't been added into the inventory will be stocked uniquely


2, 【Product gallery】: supports adding products into product gallery manually.



Three, button 「Associate channel SKU」 added on the top right corner of interface 【SKU association】 for triggering automatic association manually



Four, task center added in interface 【Orders】

1, 「Task center」 added for order synchronization based on store dimension, supports tasks only created in recent 3 days;

2, If the sync task has completed and there are failed orders, 「Sync for failed orders」 can be clicked to sync for those orders again

3, 「Task center」 added for shipping label printing, supports tasks only created in recent 3 days;

4, Printing or bulk printing of shipping labels will be executed in the task center, and user will be informed to go to the task center once printing is completed, by clicking 「Print」 system will print according to generated labels, and there will be the mark 「Printed」 once it is completed.



Five, 【orders】shipping labels will be printed based on original size

Former logic for printing shipping labels supports only A4 and A6 paper sizes, after optimizing the logic, labels with other sizes will be printed based on the original size provided by the platform