How to Edit Account's Default Currency and Time Zone?

When the account is registered, ShopHub will set a default currency based on the register account's IP address location. Merchants can also change the time zone and currency according to their needs. 


Default Currency

Default currency is set based on your IP when you registered with ShopHub. Regions and currencies as below:













 The Philippines


 Mainland China


 Hong Kong, China






Default currency is only used on data statistics and product cost, currency in “Products > Integrated channel” and “Orders” will be shown according to the actual store currency on your integrated channels.

Also, the currency would be use when move product across stores. For instance, Store A currency is THB, and Store B currency is TWD, when product moves from Store A to Store B, the product price will follow the exchange rate and automatically calculate the price. 


Change Default Currency

If merchants would like to change the default currency, click Settings module then find "Basic Settings" > "Currency Settings" and click the pen icon:


After clicking, merchant will receive a pop up window like the image shown below. They can update the currency by selecting the one they wish to use from the dropdown list:



Time Zone

By default, time zone is set based on the IP when the account is registered. All time related information will follow the default time zone. 

The time data will be converted and displayed according to the default time zone of ShopHub account:

  • Order time/Payment time/Shipping time will be synced from different sales channels.
  • Listing time/Delisting time/Update time will be synced from different sales channels. 

Change the Time zone

To change the time zone, go to Settings module and find "Basic Settings" > "Time Zone Settings." Merchants can modify the time zone of their accounts by clicking the pen icon. 


Then, merchants can select the time zone they prefer.