How to understand SKU’s "Connection status" and "Stock status" in Orders?

If merchants do not need to use ShopHub to manage inventory, they will not need to pay attention to the SKU’s connection status and product inventory. 

But if merchants want to use ShopHub to manage inventory, as well as check inventory levels, prioritize orders for shipping, and arrange for delivery of new stock, please read the following article in detail.


1. How are SKU on different sales channels connected?

ShopHub automation feature will automatically connect channel SKU with ShopHub products for unified inventory management. 

New products synced from different sales channels to ShopHub will be added to ShopHub Products Library. If the products had been set up with SKUs, they would be listed under the tab “In Warehouse” in Product Library, as well as added to ShopHub Inventory > Warehouse Stock.

There are 2 ways to connect SKU on sales channel stores and on ShopHub: 

  • If SKUs are the same in different sales channels, and merchant enabled auto-connect feature, products will be automatically connect every 2 hours. For details pleas refer to: How to use system auto-connect?
  • If product SKUs in different sales channel are different, merchants can manually connect products, please refer to: How to connect channel products?

Other than connecting products, merchants need to set up product Warehouse Stock levels. To set up Warehouse Stock, please refer to this article How to set product inventory levels?



2. How to see the connection status and inventory status of SKU in a specific order?

In Order > Ship Order > To Process & To Ship, merchants can click “Edit” and scroll down to the “Product Information” section to see the product connection status and stock status of the specific order.



There are four possible combinations of connection status & stock status for a product. These are outlined in the table below:

Connection status

Inventory status




The product SKU of the order is not connected with any ShopHub SKU that is saved in Inventory > Warehouse Stock.


In stock 

The product SKU in the order has already been connected with a ShopHub SKU. And the warehouse stock of the ShopHub SKU is greater than 0.


Out of stock

The product SKU in the order has already been connected with a ShopHub SKU. And the warehouse stock of the ShopHub SKU is equal to 0 or has not been set up. This will be marked as --, the stock status will also display “out of stock.”

Connection Abnormal


The product SKU/SPU in an order has already been connected with a ShopHub SKU. However, the corresponding SKU/SPU for this product on the sales channel has already been altered.


When seeing -- under the "Stock" column in To Process tab or To Ship tab, this indicates that the order’s product is not connected to any ShopHub product, or the product's connection status is Awaiting confirmation. In this situation, this means that the sales SKU/SPU in that order has been altered at the sales backend. In order to keep track of the correct stock level correctly, ShopHub system requires correct matching of ShopHub SKU and Sales SKU.



For the order that has the product’s connection status as “Connection Abnormal”, merchants can click "Go to modify" icon in Actions column to edit this order, then it will lead to the Connection Abnormal page. Please note that if failed to confirm, merchants are still able to ship the order normally as unconnected products.




If merchant had confirmed the product connection is correct. To continue, merchant can click ignore and there will be a pop up notifications appear. Click confirm to continue processing the order.