How to authorize SHOPLINE store?


ShopHub supports integrated SHOPLINE stores. After completed integration, merchants will be able to manage SHOPLINE store orders, products, inventories... etc..


In this article, there are two main topics


  1. You can authorize unlimited SHOPLINE stores with ShopHub.
  2. Only one ShopHub account can be authorized per each SHOPLINE store. If you wish your SHOPLINE store to authorize a different ShopHub account, you will first need to unlink the original account. (Delete store: While channel data will remain unaffected, orders, published products and inventory details for a connected ShopHub account will be deleted once an account is deauthorized, and cannot be recovered). 


Authorization Process

Step 1. Go to SHOPLINE [Extention], find ShopHub in [Extention] store, click the App card and enter details page



Step 2. Click 【Buy Now】


Step 3. Tick "I agree" and click 【Checkout】.


Step 4. Waiting for processing


Step 5:Once paid successfully, click 【Go to install】


Step 6:Click 【Install Now】 and confirm the authorization


Step 7:Click 【Install and Authorize】


Step 8:Click 【Open App】


Step 9:Jump to shophub and log in to your account


Step 10:Authorization will be completed after login


Manage authorized stores

After completed authorization, in the store list merchants will be able to see all the stores that have integrated to ShopHub. As well, merchant can manage store integration status here.

If merchants happen to have multiple stores authorized to ShopHub, they can use the "filter" feature to set up specific conditions so that they can quickly find out the specific channel, store sites, and activation status they'd like to check.





  • Edit: Merchant can edit the store name which appeared on ShopHub side.
  • Delete store: If a merchant would like to integrate the SHOPLINE store to another ShopHub account. Please note that the previous ShopHub account will lose all data of this SHOPLINE store after deleting the store.