How to set Warehouse Stock?

Once a product with SKU has been added to “Product Library”, the product will be automatically saved to “Warehouse”, and merchants will be able to adjust inventory levels in Warehouse Stock under "Inventory". 


Warehouse Stock can be considered as the total product inventory. In this article, we will introduce:


The Warehouse Stock index: 

  • Warehouse Stock: The present inventory levels in the ShopHub warehouse.
  • Unshipped stock count: The total inventory levels of products linked to an SKU that have not yet been shipped. 
  • Available Stock: This amount equals to "Current Stock" -"Unshipped stock count". Merchants can time the restocking schedule depending on the available stock quantity.
  • Safety Stock: To avoid out of stock situation in advance, merchants can set up a Safety Stock Alert. When the available stock is equal to or smaller than safety stock level, then merchants will receive an alert email notification.
  • Connected SKU count: It tells how many seller SKUs a ShopHub SKU has been connected with. When clicking the blue arrow below the product information, it will expand the connected seller SKUs information. The numbers of connected SKUs will be indicated in the title. Merchants can also directly modify or update the connected seller SKU's channel stock quantity.


Edit/add Warehouse Stock levels individually 

In "Inventory" > "Warehouse Stock", click the pen icon to edit the stock.


Merchants can fill out stock level in the pop-up window and click "OK".



Set a Safety Stock, if merchant wants to receive notification when the Available stock is equal or smaller than Safety Stock that has been set based on the amount merchant prefer. Please click the pen icon to start fill in the Safety Stock amount.


There will be a pop up window appear, insert the number under "Safety Stock" and confirm by click "OK"



Also, merchants can click the blue number/ -- under "Warehouse Stock" column in "Product Library":


After clicking the number or -- symbol under "Warehouse stock", will lead to "Warehouse Stock" page, and merchants will be able to set up Warehouse Stock for the product. 


Edit/add Warehouse Stock in bulk manually 

First, select the products that needs to set or update stock levels. Then, click "Edit Warehouse stock":




Then, there will be a small pop-up window, insert the stock level amount in "New Warehouse Stock" and click "ok" to update.


Please note, the amount entered in "New Warehouse Stock" will overwrite the previous stock level. 


Edit/add Warehouse Stock in bulk by import sheet

1. In "Inventory" > "Warehouse Stock", find "Import/Export" on the top right, click "Export all SKU" to download the SKUs which have been saved to Warehouse Stock.  


The downloaded file will show all the SKUs, current stock, unshipped stock count and available Stock:


2. Click "Import Stock" in the dropdown list in "Import/Export": 




3. Copy the ShopHub SKU information from "Export Stock" sheet, and fill in the Warehouse Stock amount:


Please note:

  • The SKU is case sensitive, please fill in the exact same SKU from the ShopHub Product Library and Warehouse. 
  • The imported Warehouse Stock will overwrite the current Stock level in ShopHub Warehouse Stock.