How to Move Products Between Channels?

ShopHub supports moving products across authorized sales channels; SHOPLINE, Shopee and Lazada stores. Merchants can copy the entire store's products or selected products and publish those products to other authorized channels with a maximum of 20 integrated stores at a time.

In this article, we will outline how to move products between different sales channels. 


  • Channel stores need to be authorized and enabled on ShopHub.

  • The rules and mandatory information for publishing products in the different sales channels might vary. After moving the products from a channel to the other sales channel, the products will be in “Draft” first, and you will need to edit the information for each product manually according to the sales channel’s regulation.

  • Please note that moving products won't delete the product from the original publishing channel. This procedure only moves the duplicate products to other channel stores.

After authorizing your channels stores on ShopHub, your products will automatically sync to ShopHub. Merchants can manually sync the products to ShopHub as well. For detailed steps, please refer to How to sync products on authorized channels to ShopHub? 


1. How to move products between different channels stores on ShopHub?

Merchants may either select to move all of the products in the authorized channel store at once or select products they wish to move.

A. Move all products

Please go to [Products], select channel store, and click [Product migration] at top right corner. Then click the "Move Products" button in the upper right corner, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the channel to move the products into. 


In the pop-up window, please select [Product source] and [Migrate to new store]

Later, in the next step, by default the system will select all products in the channel store. After making sure all the products are correct, click "Next" to proceed. 

Finally, click “Next” to complete.

Note: Merchants can move the duplicate products into up to 20 stores at a time.

Once the moving products process is completed, there will be a notification message showing that products have been moved. Merchants can check the product in the channel store (where products were just moved in) > Draft. Please click “Go check” button to view the moved product.



B. Move selected products

If merchants wish to select some products, please tick the box next to the products which merchants want to move.

After selecting, please click “Move Products” button on the bottom and then select the authorized channel store.

Then, there will be a move products window for selecting the stores to move products to. Please click “Next”.

While moving products, if the store currencies between the stores are different, product price will be calculated according to the system's exchange rate.


2. How to view products that have been moved?

Once the moving products process is completed, please go to “Products” > channel store (where products were just moved in) > Draft to view your products. 

If merchant would like to publish products to selected channel store, please edit each product individually before publishing.

In the "Status" column, if it shows:

  • To be Published: This means that all the required product information is filled, and the product is ready to be published.
  • Unfinished: This means that the product still lacks a few required information. Please fill in accordingly so that it can be published.

Next, merchants can click “Publish” in the action column. Then, the published products will be automatically added to “Online.”