How to set up and manage product group?

For stores that have many products, it is possible to organize them into different groups. This can help merchants manage their products on ShopHub in an easy and organized way. What's better, merchants can select multiple products at once, and publish them on different authorized sales channels.



  1. Groups can have up to three-tiers.
  2. There is no limit to the number of groups that can be created.
  3. One product can only be added to one group.
  4. Groups are only for product management use on ShopHub. When merchants are editing products in the "Draft" page, preparing to add them to their sales channels, for the "group" column, merchants will have to reselect the product group setting for the product so that it aligns with the categories used in that particular store.


Group management:

1. Create group

Click on "Group management" > "Create group" and quickly create a new group. After the merchant names the group, click "confirm" to finish.





2. Create sub-group 

Click on the newly created group, then click "Create sub-group" to create a second-tier group.


Click on the second-tier group, then click "Create sub-group" to add a third-tier group. 


Merchants can create a maximum of three tiers.



3. Edit groups

Click on the "Edit" button next to any groups to rename them. 



4. Delete group 

Click on the "Delete" button next to any top-tier groups then click "Confirm." 

Please note: If delete a first-tier group, its second- and third-tier sub-groups will also be deleted. If delete a second-tier group, any linked third-tier groups will also be deleted.



If there are products in the group, merchants will need to move the products to a different group before deleting it. 



5. Adjust group

If no group has been created, products will remain ungrouped by default. After a group is created, merchants can add multiple products to groups through bulk action.

Go to “Products” and select the products, then click on "Adjust Group”. Finally, select the new group and add the products. 

Please note: one product can only be added to one group.