How to Create Products on ShopHub?

Merchants are able to create and manage products on ShopHub, as well as sync the products to different E-commerce platforms. In this article, we will introduce different ways to create products on ShopHub.

There are four ways to create products:

  1. Manually create a product
  2. Import products 
  3. Duplicate a product or bulk duplicate products
  4. New products synced from authorized stores 

1. Manually create a product

In ShopHub admin panel, go to Products > Product Library. Click the button "Add new product", then enter the required product information.

There will be a pop-up window for creating a new product, please fill in accordingly. The required fields are "Product Name", "Variations", and "ShopHub SKU".

There are 2 types of Product descriptions, the "Long Description" can contained text, images, tables and links. Currently SHOPLINE and Lazada would fetch this section when the product been published to these sales channels. On the other hand, "Short Description" can only contained text, and when publishing products to Shopee, the product descriptions on Shopee would fetch the content in this section. 

Please note, when the product is saved in Inventory > Warehouse Stock, the product variations and option names will not be able to be edited or deleted. 



2. Import products 

Click the button "Import Products'', then click "Importing example" and download the template file. In the downloaded template folder, there will be all different versions of bulk upload product templates. Currently, ShopHub supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia. Merchants can select the language version they need to fill in accordingly.

Please note that the uploaded file must be saved as .xls or .xlsx format, and the file size cannot exceed 2mb.



Click "Select file" and select the completed Product Import file.


Only files that are in the correct format can be imported. If there are errors in the content of the uploaded file, there will be an error notification, merchant can click "More Error Details" to check and edit the product import file accordingly.



3. Duplicate a product or bulk duplicate products

If there's a product on ShopHub that is similar to the product the merchant would like to create, merchants can click "More" > "Duplicate" to quickly create a new product, then edit the product detail accordingly.


If merchants would like to create multiple products at once, the duplicate product feature also allows bulk action. Merchants can select the products from the product list and then click on "Duplicate" to proceed, the option will appear after selecting the product.


After duplicating, merchants can find the copied products in the "Not in Warehouse" tab.


4. New products synced from authorized stores

The functions Auto-sync and Auto-connect Product of ShopHub are enabled by default. Once automation is enabled, the system will automatically sync the latest products from authorized stores to ShopHub. So if you create new products on any authorized stores, It will be synchronized to the channel product page, and you need to manually add it to the product library.

The system will automatically synchronize products at 8, 12, and 16 o'clock in the GMT+8 time zone daily. 

Note: Only when the channel store authorization is completed for the first time, the channel products will automatically synchronize all channel products to the product library. Subsequent new channel products need to be manually added to the product library.



 If the products had been set up SKUs in the sales channel, they will connect with the ones which have the same SKUs in other sales channels automatically.

Merchants still have the option to disable Auto-sync and Auto-connect Product. Please go to Settings module then click “Product Settings”. On the product settings field, they can choose to enable or disable the Auto-sync and Auto-connect functions.