How to reset login password for ShopHub account?

When merchant forgot their login password, merchant can reset the login password by clicking the "Forgot Password" on the ShopHub login panel. Please note that password reset is only available to registered account.


Reset Password

Step 1.

When merchant forgot the login password for ShopHub account and would like to reset password, merchant can click "Forgot Password?" button on the login panel.


Step 2.

Enter the ShopHub login email and click "Send". System will send out the password reset authorization email to the login email address.



There are several possibilities if merchant did not receive the authorization email:

  1. You have sent too many requests within a short period of time, please try again later.
  2. The authorization email was categorized to the spam inbox by the receiver email account system, please check accordingly. 
  3. You have entered an invalid email address during registration, please contact ShopHub Customer Service team for further assistance :


Step 3.

Collect the verification code in the reset your ShopHub password email.



Step 4.

Enter verification code and click "OK". Then merchant will be able to reset the password.

Password length must in between 8-20 characters, must included uppercase, lowercase, and number.

After reset password, the page will redirect to login panel again. Please enter login email and the newly set password to log in.