How to authorize Shopee store?

ShopHub supports Shopee store integration. After integrating Shopee store, merchants will be able to manage orders, products, and inventories on ShopHub.


In this article, there are two main topics



  • Merchants can authorize unlimited Shopee stores within their ShopHub accounts.
  • Supporting Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines sites only.
  • Only local merchants are allowed to authorize.
  • Merchants can authorize their main Shopee accounts as well as sub-accounts to ShopHub. However, it is not possible to authorize a main account and a sub-account under the same store to one ShopHub account at the same time.
    • For example, if authorization for ShopHub has already been given to a main Shopee account, it will not be possible to authorize any sub-accounts under the same Shopee store.
  • Only one ShopHub account can be authorized with each sales channel store. If merchants would like to authorize their stores to a different ShopHub account, they will first need to delete the store from the original ShopHub account.
    • Please note: After deleting the store from ShopHub, while channel data will remain unaffected, orders, published products and inventory details will be deleted once the store is deauthorized from the ShopHub account, and those data cannot be recovered.


Authorization Process


Step 1. Go to [Authorization] > [Stores], click [Authorized stores] at top right corner



Step 2. There will be a pop up window, and under E-commerce platform please select “Shopee.” 



Step 3. Enter store name, then click "Proceed to Authorize" button.



Step 4. Select the region of your Shopee account. Enter your Shopee store's login details, then click "Log In."


Step 5. Click "Confirm Authorization" to complete the authorization. 



Step 6. After the authorization process has been completed, click “OK, got it!”, your products and orders will be automatically synced to ShopHub. 




Manage Authorized Stores

After completing authorization, in Integration > Channel page, merchants will be able to see the list that includes all the integrated stores on ShopHub. In addition, merchants can also manage store integration status here.

If merchants happen to have multiple stores authorized to ShopHub, they can use the "filter" feature to set up specific conditions so that they can quickly find out the specific channel, store sites, and activation status they'd like to check.


Authorized Time and Expiry Time

Once a Shopee store has been authorized, this authorization will be valid for a period of 1 year. After the validation expires, merchants will need to reauthorize the store by click "Re-authorize" in Actions. 


Visit the channel store

Click the access button after the channel store name to jump to the channel store




  • Edit: Merchant can edit the store name and Copy URL which will display on the ShopHub side.
  • Re-authorize: To re-authorize the Shopee store which has already been integrated to the current ShopHub account. 
  • Delete store: If merchants would like to integrate the Shopee store to another ShopHub account, they can delete the store and authorize it to another ShopHub account. Please note that ShopHub will lose all data of the deleted Shopee store.