V1.3.2 New TikTok Shop Channels and Order Optimization

TikTok Shop Channels Added in ShopHub

1, 【Authorization】 supports authorizing TikTok Shop merchant accounts at Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian sites, supports infinite store authorizations;



2, 【Products】 supports adding products into TikTok Shop stores and publishing them directly once meet TikTok Shop publishing requirement;




3, 【Inventory】 update sales inventory of all channels in real time based on current inventory and unfulfilled products of local products associated with TikTok Shop online products;




4, 【Orders】supports sync TikTok Shop orders to ShopHub for processing, including logistics service provider distribution, shipping number application, shipping label printing, package, fulfillment, fulfillment information submission;



【Orders】 supports processing orders and deducting inventrory for SHOPLINE1 .0 product bundles

1, Product bundle logo added in the list and order details when orders of SHOPLINE1 .0 product bundles synced to ShopHub;




2, Inventory deduction of product bundles will be calculated based on product relations in the bundle for unfulfilled product quantity, proportion of order picking and inventory deduction;