Whether SHOPLINE 1.0 orders with integrated logistics can be fulfilled by ShopHub?

ShopHub supports fulfilling orders with integrated logistics if [Fulfillment setting] has been successfully set in SHOPLINE Admin, which includes: applying for waybill number, printing shipping label, confirming fulfillment, deducting inventory, etc.

  • Package delivery, in-store pickup now have been classified into integrated logistics
  • Supported logistics of this time: 7-11 B2C / 7-11 C2C / 7-11 Cross border / FamilyMart frozen food / FamilyMart B2C / FamilyMart C2C / T-CAT / HCT Logistics / SF Express
  • Except for 7-11 C2C, all integrated logistics support printing shipping label


Action steps are shown below:

Step 1, order synchronization. Synchronize the order to ShopHub(skip this step if you have enabled automatic order synchronization)

Step 2, apply for waybill numbers for [Pending] orders

Click [Apply for waybill number] on the right side or bulk select orders and select [Apply for waybill number] below

 Note: you can filter logistics to process orders in batch


Step3, print shipping label for [Unfulfilled] orders

Click [More] - [Print shipping label] on the right side, or bulk select orders and click [Print] below

Note: contents of shipping label are consistent with those printed in SHOPLINE Admin, picking list & invoice will be printed according to the template set in ShopHub.

Step 4, confirm fulfillment for [Unfulfilled] orders

  • Click [Fulfill] on the right side, or bulk select orders and click [Confirm fulfillment] below
  • Once confirmed fulfillment successfully, order will enter [Fulfilled] status. ShopHub will deduct the inventory based on product quantity in the order.



1)Orders with integrated logistics are not supported for modifying delivery address, changing logistics, changing pick-up store in ShopHub

2)Address 1 of orders for in-store pickup shows the store address, Address 2 shows the store name

3)For orders with expected delivery date and time assigned by customer, system will automatically calculate and execute fulfillment date countdown based on system time, and inform merchant to fulfill the order.

4)In-store pickup orders don’t require fulfillment, so they will directly enter [Unfulfilled] status for processing of fulfillment and inventory deduction