TikTok Shop Store Authorization


ShopHub supports TikTok Shop authorization. After the authorization, merchants will be able to manage the orders, products, and inventories of their TikTok Shop from ShopHub.

In this article, you will find:

  • Authorization process
  • Manage authorized TikTok shops


  • Supports unlimited authorized shops.
  • One TikTok Shop can only be authorized to one ShopHub account. If you wish to authorize a different TikTok Shop, you will first need to unlink the current shop from the ShopHub account.
  • Delete store: The channel data will remain unaffected. However, the orders, published products, and inventory details connected to ShopHub account will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


Authorization process

Step 1. Go to [Authorization] > [Stores], click [Authorized stores] at top right corner


Step 2. Select TikTok Shop under the “E-Commerce platform” section.



Step 3. Insert the store name and click Proceed to Authorize.

  • Only  support authorization for stores in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.
  • Authorized stores cannot be reauthorized.


Step 4: Select the Account Type and Site, then click Next.



Step 5: Log into the corresponding store account to complete authorization.


After log in, please check the store information in the pop-up authorization window. If incorrect, click Switch Account to change the store. 


Tick the authorization agreement and click Authorize. You will be redirected back to ShopHub once the authorization is complete.



Manage authorized TikTok Shops

After authorization, you will see the TikTok Shop information in the list of authorized stores. Merchants can further edit or delete the stores.



If you have multiple authorized stores, you can use the “Filter” function on the top right to quickly search for your store channel.



Visit the channel store

Click the access button after the channel store name to jump to the channel store




  • Edit: Merchant can edit the store name and Copy URL which will display on the ShopHub side.
  • Delete store: If you want to authorize the store to another ShopHub account, you can unlink the store at the current account.