V1.3.0 Optimization on product listing page and publishing process

1.【Product】 optimization on styles of product library, product listing page

  • Added new shippingrates info card, including SPU fields of weight and volume. Deleted SKU fields of weightmceclip12.png
  • Option “Condition” and “Dangerous goods” added into card「Basic information」. Can be filled into channel products with fields when publishing productsmceclip11.png

2.【Product】 optimization on process of adding products from product library into online store

  • Button 【Add into store】 added for express publishing when saved products on product listing page of product library
  • When added into store, merchant can only select multiple stores of a single website at Shopee and Lazada.mceclip13.png

3.【Product】 combined display for channel product interface

  • Combination of draft and online products of all channels into a simple entrance for each channel product
  • “All” product list has been cancelled for all channelsmceclip15.png