How to set up automatic deduction of inventory?

ShopHub supports orders that are shipped outside the ShopHub system and automatically deducted from the ShopHub warehouse after synchronizing to ShopHub. (This function is turned off by default, and merchants can be turned on or off by themselves according to operational needs)

Inventory is deducted by default for orders operated in the SH system after delivery, and the automatic inventory deduction function is only for delivery orders operated outside the SH system.


An order that can successfully complete the automatic deduction of inventory needs to meet:

1) Channel products and Shopify products have successfully established an association relationship

2) The quantity in SH warehouse inventory is sufficient to avoid deduction failure due to shortage of stock

3) The order placing time is after the [Automatic Deduction] inventory is turned on

4) The positive status after the order is synchronized is [Delivered] or [Delivered], and no inventory deduction has been performed in SH


Turn on automatic deduction of inventory

STEP1  Go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [Order deduction], click the button to enable it


STEP2 Select the order type that needs to automatically deduct inventory, and click "OK" after selection to complete the opening settings

Note: POS orders currently only refer to SHOPLINE POS orders



STEP 3, select deduction type

  • Partial deduction: when part of SKU inventory in the order is insufficient, deduct current inventory quantity
  • Whole deduction: when part of SKU inventory in the order is insufficient, deduction of the whole order will fail



Manage auto-deduction inventory order types

After the automatic deduction setting is turned on, the support page can modify the order type of the automatic deduction, and the new rules will take effect for orders placed after the order type is modified.


Turn off automatic deduction of inventory

Go to [Settings] > [Function Settings] > [Inventory Settings] > [Auto Deduction], turn off the On button.


  • Where can I see the results of the automatic replenishment of inventory?

1) Orders can be viewed on the [Shipped] and [Delivered] pages to view the inventory deduction status and the reason for the deduction failure.

2) If the deduction is successful, you can see the inventory deduction record in the operation log. The deduction is manual or system.


  • After the automatic supplementary deduction fails, how to perform inventory deduction for the order?

1) You can manually deduct the order on the [Shipped] and [Delivered] pages;

2) The system automatically executes the inventory deduction logic once every morning for eligible orders;