V1.2.5 SHOPLINE1. 0 authorization mode change and partial function optimization

1. [Integration] SHOPLINE store authorization method adjustment

Store authorization from SHOPLINE 1.0 [APP Store] is supported, and SHOPLINE 1.0 store authorization from ShopHub is no longer supported.


2. [Order] processing logic optimization

  • SHOPLINE 1. 0 orders support incremental real-time synchronization
  • Order status mapping adjustment: classify the order status of SHOPLINE 1.0 "arrived" into "delivered"

3.  [Inventory] add search and filter items

  • "Warehouse Stock" new sorting by warehouse stock
  • Add locked inventory filter criteria to "Warehouse Stock"
  • New fuzzy query of "Warehouse Stock" ShopHub SKU
  • "Connect Products" adds a related product filter item

4. [Product] product moving information filling logic optimization

  • When a SHOPLINE 2.0 multi specification product moves to SHOPLINE 1.0, the SPU dimension "original price" field of the product in SHOPLINE 1.0 is obtained from the first value field in the "selling price" field of SHOPLINE 2.0 product.
  • When SHOPLINE 1.0 / SHOPLINE 2.0 and Shopee / Lazada move products, the SPU  weight field and the first value field of sku are filled in each other;
  • The unit of weight field on the product details page of Shopee Indonesia site is changed to "gram"