V1.2.3 SHOPLINE 2.0 sales channels integration and interactive display optimization

1. Integration

Support SHOPLINE 2.0 store integration. Merchants can start authorization process directly from SHOPLINE 2.0 App Store by downloading the ShopHub app.


2. Products

Support Add products & Publish & Save as current stock & Move products to SHOPLINE 2.0 store. 


3. Warehouse

Warehouse Stock, Channel Stock, Connect Products, Shared Inventory of SHOPLINE 2.0 product SKUs are consistent with current feature logics.


4. Orders

SHOPLINE 2.0 orders will be synced to ShopHub in real-time. Merchants can process synced orders including select the logistics provider, generate shipping labels, print packing list and invoice, shipment execution, Warehouse Stock deduction and so on.


5. Dynamic display of sales channels or sales channel options

  • Menu display optimization: The menu bar on the left-hand side displays sales channels dynamically. (Only display the sales channel that has any integrated and enabled store/account.)
  • Each module and dropdown option support dynamic display of sales channels or sales channel options. (The sales channels will be displayed when there are integrated and enabled stores.)