V1.2.2 Packing slip, invoice template and auto-filling delivery option feature is now available

1. Default delivery option settings for Shopee orders available now

Supports configure courier and shipping label/packing slip printing style format for Shopee orders. After settle the logistic rule and enabled the courier option, the delivery method of the Shopee order will be fetch to ShopHub Orders. Merchants are able to preset the packing slip and shipping label size, whether to print on the same page or separately, the packing slip and shipping labels can be printed directly or downloaded as a file. 



2. "Settings" added packing slip, invoice template and printing preview features. 

Support custom packing slip and invoice template. When orders are under "To Ship" and "Shipped" status, merchants can print packing slips and invoices for the authorised store orders individually or in bulk. 

*The invoice here is not refer to the Taiwanese tax regulation invoice. 


3. "Orders" module added action options for individual orders for orders under all status.