V1.2.1 Category Mapping released and other feature optimizations

A. Products optimization and new feature 

  1. One Click create SKU, support merchants to set up One Click SKU rules. mceclip4.png
  2. "Products" > "SHOPLINE/Shopee/Lazada" > “Draft” added the “create product” option. mceclip5.png

  3. Now supports upload variation images in bulk, support drag and drop changing order of the image for variation options. 

B. Warehouse feature optimization 

  1. Connect product support select all within one page.
  2. “Inventory” > “Warehouse Stock” added “connected product” filter option.mceclip6.png

C. Category Mapping feature

  1. Product Library added “category mapping” feature as ShopHub product category. Merchants will be able to add product categories when importing products in ShopHub Product Library.
  2. When moving or copying products, after adding products to the store, the system will automatically select the channel's product category based on the category mapping relationship.

D. Move products and product publishing optimization 

  1. Support SHOPLINE, Shopee products move to Lazada
  2. Now supports move product within same sales channels (store to store within same sales channel)
  3. Supports move products to multiple stores within one sales channel.