What is logistics rule?

To improve shipment execution efficiency and reduce the frequency of manual operations, ShopHub provides merchants with configuration feature of logistic options for shipment execution:

  1. Support pre-configured shipping methods according to logistics providers (Pick Up, Drop off)
    After successful enablement, Shopee orders that meet the rules will get the rules of the logistics provider, and auto-fill the shipping method (Pick Up will take the period closest to the system time as the collection time). Merchants don't need to fill it manually for the waybill number but only confirm twice.
  2. Support printing packing slips when printing shipping label (enable recommended) and adapted paper size when setting printing labels. (only support orders from Shopee) 


Operating Instructions

1. Enable and configure logistics provider rules

After the Shopee store is authorized to ShopHub successfully, system will automatically synchronize the logistics provider information according to the authorized store site into the "Courier" page, and the logistic providers are disabled by default. Merchants can choose to enable & disable the logistics provider rules accordingly.

  • Enable rules: Please click Enable to enter the rules details page, adjust and confirm the pre-fill rule for logistics providers, then click "Save". 
  • Edit rules: For the enabled logistics provider rules, please click "Edit" to enter the rules details page, adjust and confirm the pre-fill rules for the logistics provider, then click "Save".
  • Deactivation rules: For the enabled logistics provider rules, please click "Disable". After confirming, the logistics provider rules will be disabled.



  • Enabling/disabling rules will apply to new orders after enabling/disabling. 
  • "Enable" here is to enable the shipment rules of logistics provider in ShopHub, not in Shopee backend.
  • When a paper size is A6, the packing slip and packing list are only supported to print simultaneously on separate pages.


2. Apply for Shipping Label

After the rule is enabled, when a new order that meets the rule enters the "Pending" order page, the shipping method will be automatically filled according to the rule.

When you apply for a tracking number:

  • For orders whose delivery method is Pick Up, the system will also automatically select the closest time slot as the pick-up time. Merchants can confirm or modify it manually in the complete information box.
  • For orders that are shipping method is Drop Off and the shipping point is required, merchants need to manually select the drop off point. For orders from Shopee Taiwan site, system required manually fill in the sender name. 


3. Print shipping labels and packing slips

When orders under "To Ship" status, system supports batch or single shipping labels, packing slips and invoice printing.

If the logistics provider rules are set and enabled to print the shipping labels and packing slip together, merchants can generate a preview file together with the shipping label and packing slip of the order by simply clicking on the print slip. Support bulk action under same page.