What is Category Mapping?

Category Mapping is the correspondence relationship for product categories across channel stores or sites. 

When moving products across sales channels or copying products, the product category info will follow ShopHub configured sales channel product category mapping to update the category to the current sales channel or site.


ShopHub has maintained the correspondence relationship of ShopHub Product Categories and all sales channel categories. For detailed and specific category IDs, please refer here.


In following scenarios, The Category Mapping will automatically select category for the product accordingly:

  1. Add to store: Products added to sales channel stores.
  2. Draft copy products: Copy product in Products > sales channels(Lazada/Shopee/SHOPLINE) > draft
  3. Move products: Move products from channel store A through “move product” feature to move to channel store B
  4. Product been added to ShopHub Product Library: When products on sales channels saved to "Product Library".