V1.1.9 Inventory & Product Information Enhancement

1. “Inventory” Module Layout & Feature Enhancement

  • In “Warehouse Stock,” added “Channel Product Information” for connected SKUs
    • Support viewing the connected seller SPU/SKU directly in the “Warehouse Stock” page
    • Support updating and syncing the “Channel Stock” quantity of a connected SPU/SKU 


  • New filter option: “Warehouse Stock not yet set up”



  • The “Update all channel stocks level” button in the “Channel Stock” page has been moved to the “Warehouse Stock” page. (This button will only appear when the “Shared Inventory” feature is enabled.)


  • In the “Channel Stock”, “Edit” and “Sync” buttons were moved into the “Channel Stock” column, next to the stock number. 



  • New sorting option: Now merchants can also view and sort the products in “Warehouse Stock” by System PID 


2. Product Description Field Enhancement

  • Added “Product Summary” field in SHOPLINE product detail page
  • When moving or adding products, the information in Product Summary of a SHOPLINE product will respectively be synced to Product Library’s Short Description, Shopee’s Description, and Lazada’s Short Description. 



3. New “Settings” Module 

  • “Settings” now has been moved into the left-hand side menu as an independent module. Whereas, in the email drop-down menu, where “Settings” was located originally, only “User Center,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Logout” remain.


  • New feature for “Safety Stock Alert” email settings: now, merchants can modify the language of the alert email anytime.