V1.1.8 Order Fulfillment Priority feature release and product logic optimization

1. Order Fulfillment Priority released

Supports Fulfillment Priority for orders in the “To Process” and “To Ship” status. By setting up the Fulfillment Priority rule, the system will lock the inventory for top priority orders and ensure their fulfillment according to the current inventory level.

Merchants will be able to enable Order Fulfillment Priority by going to the top right registry account > Order Settings > enable the Order Fulfillment Priority toggle. 



2. To Ship order process optimization

If the stock count of any SKU in the order is insufficient, the order shipment will not be able to be executed.         


3. Abnormal connected system logic update

  • If the SKU in the order is not connected with any ShopHub SKU, when allocating fulfillment priority for orders, this SKU will be seen as a sufficient stock product. 
  • If the SKU in the order had connected with ShopHub SKU, but did not set up the Warehouse Stock count, then this product will be seen as 0 stock, which means it is an insufficient stock product. 
  • If the connection status of the SKU in the order is “Abnormal”, then ShopHub will use the stock count of the previous connected ShopHub SKU.

4. Order abnormal type and operation

  • Order shipment that had been executed but reverted to the previous delivery status in the sales channel, the order will be sorted in the “Abnormal” tab.
  • The “delete” option for removed order is available. When the order has been deleted in the sales channel admin panel, merchants can click the “delete” option under the “Action” column to manually remove the order from ShopHub.


5. Bulk copy sales channel order number is available in “Orders”

In all tabs of the Orders module, merchants can copy all the order number of the current page by clicking the copy option in the Channel information column of the header.