V1.1.6  Shared Inventory released and inventory feature optimization

1. New Feature: Shared Inventory

Merchants can manually enable “Shared Inventory”.“Shared Inventory,” every channel will be sharing stock with the available stock of the connected ShopHub SKU and the available stock quantity will be adjusted accordingly. 


2. New Stock Alert Email Notification

Merchants can set up a “Stock Alert level” for a specific ShopHub SKU that has been saved in Warehouse Stock, and enable Stock Level Alert feature. When the Available Stock is less than or equal to the “Stock Alert” level that the merchant had previously set up, ShopHub system will alert the merchant by sending out an email notification.


3. New Settings: Inventory Settings

Find the new settings at the top right corner: Account Email > Inventory Settings. 

In Inventory Settings, merchants can enable/disable the “Shared Inventory” feature or “Stock Alert email notification.”


4. Inventory Module Optimized Style 

  • In Warehouse Stock and Channel Stock, one more filter option has been added. Now, merchants can also search with the filter “Stock Alert” and “Channel stock update status.”
  • After enabling the “Shared Inventory” feature, a new button, “Update all channel stocks level,” will appear at the top right of the page. Merchants can use it to update all channel stocks all at once.