V1.1.5 Order Module Feature Enhancement

1. “Ship Orders” and “View Orders” combined into “Orders.”

After authorizing sales channel stores to ShopHub, all orders can be viewed at “Orders > All orders.” Orders will be sorted into different tabs according to their statuses. Merchants will be able to easily navigate and switch between different tabs when managing the orders. The statuses include: Unpaid, To be Processed, To Ship, Shipped, Delivered, Cancelled, Refund/Return, and Abnormal.



2. Streamlined the process of order execution. 

It only takes 3 steps to fulfill an order: Generate tracking no. > Print shipping label > Confirm to ship

  • Eliminated the step “Create parcel”
  • submit to channel and move to shipped merged into "confirm to ship"


3. New Feature: Deduct Stock

Under the “Shipped” tab, “Deduct Stock” option is now available and support the following scenarios:

  • Not deducted: When the order is not shipped via ShopHub, the product is not connected, or the product connection is abnormal.

  • Failed to deduct: If stock shortage happens after shipping the orders at ShopHub, merchants will be able to use the “Deduct Stock” button to deduct the Warehouse Stock later after restocking the product. 


4. Simplified Abnormal Orders

There are only three types of orders will be sorted as “Abnormal”

  • Order deleted in sales channels
  • Ordered product exceeds the quantity limitation 
  • Lazada Multiple Parcels


5. Optimized Order interface, search keyword menu, filter conditions and Action 

  • search condition menu renewed
  • Filter conditions modified 
  • Action column and order process changes: 
  1. Removed "create parcel", "sync order" and "remark" options under the “Action” column. Only the “Edit” option remained. 
  2. All actions other than “Edit” required selecting the order(s) first to proceed.mceclip12.png