Step 2. Sales Channels Integration

Once merchants authorize their sales channel stores to ShopHub, ShopHub can help merchants to manage all channel products, orders and even execute shipments (coming soon). 


Authorize Channel Stores

Before starting on the store authorization, we strongly suggest merchants set up the seller SKUs at the channel store sides accordingly and unify the seller SKUs across all channels.

After successfully authorizing the store to ShopHub, the system will automatically sync and save the products at ShopHub Product Library. For products will seller SKUs, they will be automatically saved in Product Library as well as in Warehouse. What's more, those seller SKUs will be automatically connected with the ShopHub SKUs, too.


Go to "Integration" > "Channel", Click "Authorize A New Store":




Then select the sales channel to authorize to ShopHub:


For detailed channel store authorization instruction, please refer to:


After authorizing the sales channel store, the products and orders from the integrated sales channel store will automatically sync to ShopHub within 3-15 minutes. 

Products will be added to "Products" > "Product Library" after syncing from sales channel. If the products in the sales channel had already set up SKUs, the products will be added to "Warehouse". Merchants will be able to set up Warehouse Stock in "Inventory" > "Warehouse Stock". 

And merchant will be able to find the orders from authorized sales channel store in "Orders" > "Ship Orders" under "All orders" tab. The orders will be sorted in the corresponding status tabs as well. 


For ShopHub automation feature, please refer to:

ShopHub Automation


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