Step 1. Know Your ShopHub Account in 3 Minutes

ShopHub is a cloud-based eCommerce management system that help to unify products, orders and inventory on one integrated platform, increase business efficiencies, and optimise resources to grow sales.


ShopHub Dashboard Panel

In Dashboard, merchants will be able to see Orders process status, Inventory status and sales channel products publish status.



Header Menu

On the top right, there is a header menu. From right to left is the account User center, Privacy Policy, Help center link, and language:



In User center, merchants can check their basic account information as well as modify their user name, mobile number, and login password.



Left Hand Side Menu



  • Products: This module includes Product Library and the product list in the integrated sales channel stores.
  • Orders: Merchants can sync and process orders here.
  • Inventory: Merchants can set up Warehouse Stock, connect ShopHub products with products in sales channels, and observe stock levels on sales channel in "Channel Stock".
  • Analytics: In this module, the system provides a sales overview as well as deeper analysis on order, stores and products to help merchants get valuable and better business insights.
  • Integration: Merchants can authorize their sales channel stores, logistics service (coming soon) and more to come.
  • Settings: In this module, merchants are able to manage Basic Settings, Product Settings, Order Settings, and Inventory Settings.

To learn more about Settings, please refer to the following two articles:

ShopHub Automation

How to edit account's default currency and time zone?


If there's any questions in regard to ShopHub features, merchants can contact ShopHub Merchant Success Team by clicking the chat box in the right bottom.





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