Step 3. Create your Product Library

In the previous step, we learned that after authorizing sales channel stores to ShopHub, the products with SKU from the sales channel stores will automatically be added to the "Product Library." 

Other than saving products from the integrated sales channels, merchants are able to create products directly in the Product Library and later on publish them to different sales channels individually or in bulk.


Create Products in "Product Library"

On the top right corner, merchants can select whether to create a single product by clicking "Add a New Product" or create multiple products at once by clicking "Import Products."




For detailed instructions, please refer to:

Click here to start creating products!


Product Library Interface Introduction

In "Product Library", merchants will see 3 tabs:


  • In Warehouse: Products that have ShopHub SKUs will be sorted in this tab.
    • If products synced from a sales channel have SKUs, ShopHub will then save the sales channel SKU as a local ShopHub SKU, and the products will be sorted here.
    • If the product was directly created on ShopHub, the product will automatically be in Warehouse because ShopHub SKU is mandatory when creating a product on ShopHub.
  • Not In Warehouse: Products synced from sales channel without SKUs.
  • Abnormal: Products with variations and some of the variations had already added to Warehouse, but there are new variants without SKUs. Or there are some variations set up with the same SKUs. 

For detailed instruction on Abnormal Product Library please refer: What is Abnormal SKU?


In Product Library index page, there are "Warehouse Stock", "Group", "Sales channels", "Time" and "Actions" columns.


  • Warehouse Stock: It will lead to "Warehouse Stock" to set up Warehouse Stock for this product after clicking the number or -.
  • Group: Product grouping category that has been set up.
  • Sales Channels: Show which channels this product is sold in, and the specific logic of the sales channel lighting: when the related products of the product library are sold in which channel, the logo of the channel will be displayed in color. (Note: Currently, ShopHub only supports manual association of products, and the automatic association function will be launched soon.)
  • Time: It shows the time when the product is created and updated.
  • Actions: Merchants can edit, add to store to publish the product and click "More" to select more options: duplicate product, Edit SKU, and Delete the product. 

For detailed information please refer:

How to publish products on multiple channels and stores?



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