ShopHub Automation

ShopHub Automation feature allows merchants:

  • Automatically sync the latest products and orders data from authorized channels to ShopHub
  • Automatic matching channel products with ShopHub for unified inventory management

This article will introduce these 2 parts:

ShopHub Automation is enabled by default. If merchants had already authorized stores before and not yet enabled automation, when they log in to ShopHub, a pop-up window will appear to remind them to enable automation. Please click “One click enable” to turn on this feature.


Every time merchants authorize a new store, its products and orders data will be automatically synced to ShopHub. 

Please note that after merchants authorize a new store, the system will take 3 -15 minutes to complete the new store syncing process, depending on the number of data. 

There will be a pop-up message like the image shown below to keep merchants informed of the sync status.




You can enter the "Task Center" to view the order synchronization status and the reasons for the failure of the synchronization order.

  • Only supports viewing order synchronization tasks within 3 days




How ShopHub automation works


  • The system will automatically sync the latest products from authorized stores to ShopHub. So if merchants create new products on any authorized stores, they can have them synced to ShopHub automatically. 
  • New products synced to ShopHub will be added to ShopHub Products Library. If the products had been set up SKUs in the sales channel, they will be added to Warehouse Stock and automatically connect with the ones which have the same SKUs in other sales channels hourly.  


  • The system will automatically sync the latest orders from authorized stores to ShopHub. So if customers place new orders on any authorized stores, merchants can have them synced to ShopHub automatically.
    • ​​System will automatically sync orders from SHOPLINE every hour, orders from Lazada and Shopee will sync to ShopHub in real time.


  • Once automation is enabled, the system will automatically synchronize products and orders data start from 0:00(GMT+8)every 1 hour. There will be pop-up messages to inform the status of the product & orders synchronization.

  • If merchants don’t log in to ShopHub within 7 days, Auto-sync and Auto-connect functions will be automatically disabled. To avoid unnecessary risks, please come back to ShopHub to check around as frequently as possible.


Automation Settings

Although Auto-sync and Auto-connect Product of ShopHub are enabled by default, merchants still have the option to disable them. Please go to Settings module then find “Product Settings”. On the Product Settings section, merchants can choose to enable or disable the Auto-sync and Auto-connect functions.