V1.1.4 Automation Feature Release and Optimizations

New releases

1. Automation features including “Products” and “Orders” synchronize automatically.

After authorizing the sales channel to ShopHub, merchants are able to enable the “auto-sync” feature for Products and Orders. After syncing products from the authorized sales channel, the products will be added to ShopHub “Products Library”. If the products had set up SKUs in the sales channel, the products will be added to “Warehouse” and connect with the same products in the sales channel automatically.



2. New “settings” panels now available

Now merchants will be able to set up “User account”, basic account settings, and Automation settings on the top-right of ShopHub admin.




1. “Products” and “Listing” merged into “Products”

  • Product Library includes products that were created directly on ShopHub or synced from authorized channels. And categorise as “In warehouse”, “Not in warehouse” and “Abnormal”.
  • Remove “Save as ShopHub products” in Online products in all authorized channels responding to the new automation feature.


2. "Integration" section renew

  • In "Integration", all authorized channels will be listed down in single panel. Authorize channel options now all in one click.

  • “Products”, “Inventory” and “Integration” panel optimization.