What is Connect SKU?

ShopHub system connects products depending on the consistency of product SPUs/SKUs between channel stores and Product Library. When a channel product SPU/SKU is completely identical with a product from Product Library, ShopHub system will then connect the two together. 


Note: SKUs without variations from SHOPLINE and Shopee will be seen as SPU on ShopHub. 


The Usage of Connect Product

1. It helps the merchant easily calculate the product stock of "To ship" orders

After the product is sold on authorized channel and the order is synced to ShopHub, ShopHub will fetch the product information in the orders that need to be shipped. Then, it will count the number of "unshipped product stock" based on the product connections set in "Connect Products".



2. Arrange stock level for products in different authorized channels

In Inventory > Channel Stock, merchants will be able to edit the stock of the connected seller SKUs and then update the stock simultaneously to the sales channel ends. 

  • The pen icon is for editing the Channel Stock amount.
  • The cycling icon is for syncing the updated stock quantity to the channel store end. 



Note: If Shared Inventory featured is enabled and the product has set up Warehouse Stock, merchants will not be able to edit channel stock. Available Stock counts of ShopHub SKU will sync to connected Seller SKU in sales channel stores and overwrite the stock counts.


3. Shared Inventory

Merchants might be selling the same products across different sales channels. Shared Inventory supports the products that have been connected in ShopHub to use the same inventory amount in different sales channels. For detailed information please refer to: How to Enable Shared Inventory?