V1.1.3 SHOPLINE Product Multi-language Setting and Other Feature Optimization Are Now Available

1. In “Listings,” you can now set up certain fields in multi-languages for your products.

When merchant is editing SHOPLINE products in “Listings,” merchant can set up the following fields in multi-languages: product name, description, variation attributes, SEO title, and SEO description. After setting up, customers will be able to see the corresponding language content that merchant has filled, when they switch the displaying languages at the authorized SHOPLINE store. 




The languages merchant can set up in ShopHub will be following the same as the authorized SHOPLINE store backend setting at “Settings” > “Basic Settings” > “Supported Shop Languages.”



2. In “Listings,” for SHOPLINE products, you can now have up to 3 attributes. 

Corresponding the feature optimization on SHOPLINE side, now merchants can set up to 3 attributes on ShopHub for SHOPLINE products. 



3. In “Listings,” the “Bulk Delete” button has been hidden from all channels’ online products list. 

To prevent accidentally deleting products on authorized channels, now all "bulk delete" option has been hidden. 


4. In “Listings,” you can now have up to fifty variation options for your Shopee draft and online products at all your Shopee stores.

Corresponding the feature optimization on Shopee side, now the variations options can set up to 50.