How ShopHub classified the orders?

ShopHub can aggregate orders from all integrated sales channels, which allows merchants to manage and fulfill all orders centrally. This article will introduce how to ShopHub classified orders synced from authorized channels and the definition of each tabs. 


In the ShopHub panel> “Orders" > "Ship Orders", merchants can see 9 sections according to stages of fulfilling an order:

  • All orders
  • Unpaid
  • To be process
  • To Ship
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Cancelled
  • Refund/Return
  • Abnormal



After the orders had been synced to ShopHub from sales channel. All orders will sort into "All Orders" tab. 



Orders that is not using COD as payment method and the payment status is not "Paid". 


To Process:

  • COD and non-COD+ payment status is Paid orders. 
  • Currently ShopHub supports process these two types of orders, so the orders will be sorted into this tab and wait for merchant to execute shipments. 
  • Under this tab, merchants can generate tracking numbers for the orders. After the order have its tracking numbers, the order will move to "To Ship" tab. 

The orders under the following tabs are according to the order status or delivery status on the sales channel stores.


To Ship:  

  • Order that already generated tracking number, pending for merchant to Confirm To Ship. 
  • Under "To Ship", merchants will be able to export packing lists, invoice and shipping labels from the sales channel stores. Support both bulk and individual printing. 



  • After merchant click the Confirm To Ship option in ShopHub and submit request to (3PL) 3rd Party Logistics to pick-up successfully (regardless if inventory deduction is showing Not Deducted)  
  • If the order was not process on ShopHub, the Warehouse Inventory of the product will not be de deducted automatically, merchants can select orders and click on "Deduct Stock" on the bottom of the page to one click deduct stock for those orders.
  • Order or delivery status in sales channel stores are "Shipping/delivering/shipped" when the order is synced to ShopHub.
    • Please note: When SHOPLINE orders' delivery statuses turn "Arrived," they will still remain in the "Shipped" tab.



The order delivery status in sales channels is Delivered/Completed/Collected.



The order status is "cancelled" on sales channels. Different sales channels have different rules on cancelling an order, please check the rules with the sales channel.



The order status is returned or refund. 



  • Orders have been deleted on the original sales channel.
  • The number of product ordered exceeds 999999 
  • Order status has been changed on the original sales channel's backend system: Lazada multi-package order, where SKU status in the same order is inconsistent. Once the status of all SKUs is consistent and synchronized, the order will enter the corresponding order status tab



The integrated shipping methods are not available at the moment on ShopHub. All order delivery status required update manually or update from the sales channel side.