How to authorize OneShip account?

ShopHub supports OneShip account authorization. After authorized OneShip account to ShopHub, merchants will be able to select the logistic providers from OneShip to execute shipment on ShopHub. 




  1. Each OneShip account can authorize to multiple ShopHub accounts.  
  2. Only supports orders from SHOPLINE Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam stores to use OneShip logistic provider to execute shipments.
  3. The account name for authorized OneShip accounts on ShopHub must be unique from other authorized OneShip accounts. 

Authorize Process

Step 1. Enter OneShip Admin and contact customer service to get merchant ID and API Token

Step 2. Go to [Authorization] > [Logistics service provider], click [Authorized logistics] at top right corner

Step 3. Enter custom logistics service provider name, merchant ID and API Token, then click 「Confirm」 and complete the authorization


Once you complete authorization, there will be a small pop-up notification to inform you.


Step 4. Enter 【Settings】>【Address pool】, click 「Create an address pool」 at the top right corner, then add address information



Step 5. Go to [Settings] > [Logistics rules], set the address information for logistics channels of Oneship account

1. Select logistics company to enable, click 「Enable」 at the right side and enter the edit page


2. Select shipping method, paper size, printing method, and add sender's address, then save and it will take effective




Enable or disable to logistic options

After merchants added the logistic options, merchants will be able to enable or disable the logistic option according to their needs.
Please note: Only enabled logistic options will be able to select during executing shipments.




Manage authorized OneShip account


After authorized an OneShip account, the account will be enabled by default. If a merchant would like to temporarily disable the account, merchant can click on “disable” option.

Please note that after disable a logistic option, merchants will not be able to select this logistic option when executing the shipment.  




Merchants will be able to change the authorized OneShip account name. (Please note this account name is only for merchant to identify the account on ShopHub side)

Click “edit” and then click “confirm” after editing the account name.