How to sync products on authorized channels to ShopHub?

After authorizing your channels stores (such as SHOPLINE, Shopee, and Lazada) on Shophub, the products on the authorized sales channel will automatically sync to ShopHub. If merchant had enabled ShopHub Automation feature, product information will automatically sync with the sales channel every 8, 12, and 16 o'click. However merchants can manually sync the products to ShopHub. Merchants can execute product sync up to manage product details, publish, and sync to different integrated platforms for sales.


In this article, we will introduce you in the following steps:


Sync products process

Step 1. Go to [Products], select authorized channels, then click [Synchronize products] at top right corner


Step 2. Choose the integrated stores you want and click on, then select OK. 



When sync up is completed, the sync up result will be displayed. You can click "Re-sync" or click "Confirm" to complete the process of sync products.



Manage products on the authorized channel that have been synced to ShopHub "Products"

After sync up is completed, go to "Product" > "authorized channel" > Online Products, the list of products displayed by default is the published products, merchants can use "filter conditions" to find the products they want. The search field supports single or multiple SPU searches, merchants can also search a product from different stores, and click “Filter” to search by the creation or update of the product.



On this page, merchant can see the sync product information. As well as on the right corner merchant may find button “Move products” and please use this button to move products from this platform to other integrated ones. For detailed instruction please refer to: How to move products between channels? 

Merchants can edit product information, sync and delist products, by clicking on the small icons in the "Actions" field.



  • The product information edited here will be immediately updated to the integrated platform once saved. Please be sure to confirm the edited content before sending it.
  • It is recommended to set up SKU in your sales channels, as well set up the same SKUs for the same product in different sales channels due to once the product had synced to ShopHub will be added to "Product Library" and "Warehouse Stock" automatically, and will connect the same SKUs in different sales channel.