How to Use System Auto-connect?

Merchants can use the " Auto-connect" feature for "Connect SKU" to make the system automatically match the SKU in sales channels like Shopee, SHOPLINE, and Lazada with products in ShopHub Warehouse with identical Sales SKUs. This can help reduce the workload of matching products manually and will significantly improve the operational efficiency.


Enable system auto-connect

Please click [Settings] > [Product setting] > [Automatic connection] in the left menu, then click the button to enable it


Click "Confirm" to enable it


Once auto-connect is enabled, the system will automatically connect SKU with the same SKUs between ShopHub and sales channels every 1 hours starting from 0:00 a.m. (UTC+8)

Merchants can also click on the plus icon "+" to see the detailed information of the connected products. If in the "Connection Mode" column it shows “Auto-connect”, it indicates the connection is established by the system, and if it’s “Manual-connect” then it means you connect the SKU manually.



Please note:

  • When the status of an order containing a connected SKU turns "Shipped" on ShopHub, the system will then automatically deduct the stock of that corresponding ShopHub SKU.
  • If the SKU connection in the order is abnormal, the system will follow the original product connection to deduct the product stock.
  • If the order is not shipped via ShopHub

      1)If the automatic inventory deduction function is turned on, the system will automatically deduct the inventory for orders with the order status of "Shipped" or "Delivered"

      2)if the automatic inventory deduction function is not turned on,the system will not auto deduct the stock of the products in that order. Merchants will need to manually deduct the stock for those orders. For detailed instructions on how to manually deduct stock for orders, please refer to: How to Process Orders on ShopHub?


Disable auto-connect

After enabling system auto-connect, the "Enable system auto-connect" button will become a "Disable auto-connect" button. When you don't need the system to automatically establish matches between ShopHub SKUs and published products on integrated sales channels. Click "Disable auto-connect" to disable this feature.