How to add SKU to warehouse inventory?

ShopHub supports automatically or manually adding ShopHub SKUs of the product library to the warehouse inventory and managing them together. Once added, you can manage product inventory quantity across channels in ShopHub warehouse inventory based on the association between channel SKU and ShopHub SKU.


1. automatically adds to warehouse inventory

Go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [Product inbound], click the button at the right side to enable automatic product inbound.

Once enabled, system will automatically create SKUs in the warehouse inventory for ShopHub SKUs which have not been added to the warehouse yet, duplicate ShopHub SKUs will be ignored.



2. manually adds to warehouse inventory

Go to [Product] > [Product library], single or bulk select products for adding to warehouse, click [Add to warehouse] below, and choose corresponding warehouse, then ShopHub SKU of this product will be added to the warehouse inventory.