How to use Combo SKU?

ShopHub supports creating Combo SKUs. You can select one or multiple SKUs in ShopHub warehouse, combine them into a new SKU at a specific ratio. You can add new Combo SKUs in product creation and synchronize them to all channels for tie-in sales and increase store’s sales performance. Meantime, consistent combo SKUs in channel SKU and warehouse inventory will be automatically associated, so that system will deduct warehouse inventory of sub SKU included in combo SKU when products with combo SKU are successfully sold in channel stores.


This article includes below chapters:

  • How to create a combo SKU?
  • How to publish successfully created combo SKUs to channel stores?
  • How to calculate inventory of combo SKU?


One, How to create a combo SKU?

Step 1, go to [Inventory] > [Warehouse inventory], click [Create a combo SKU], then enter the page to input basic information


Step 2, enter basic information of combo SKU, select and add inventory SKU, then click [Confirm], selected inventory SKU will be added into basic information details page

  • Only supports warehouse inventory SKU
  • Each combo SKU cannot contain duplicate sub SKUs

Note: a combo SKU can contain at most 10 warehouse inventory SKUs

E.g. to create a new combo SKU titled as [Kettle*1 + Cup*2], select 1 kettle and 2 cups


Step 3, modify product information, enter quantity of each product in the combo SKU. Once selected warehouse for successfully created combo SKU, click [Save] at bottom right corner to complete the creation, and combo SKU will be added into warehouse inventory.


Two, How to apply successfully created combo SKU

Combo SKUs that are created successfully is entered in channel products as independent SKUs. When customer placed the order through a combo SKU, products will be sold as sub SKU of the combo SKU.

1, create new products with combo SKU

Create new products, and enter the combo SKU in the SKU column of new products, then publish it to channel stores for sale.

Step 1, go to [Products] > [Product library], click [Create a product] at top right corner and enter product listing page

Step 2, enter product information and complete necessary items, click [Save] to complete product creation.

 Attention: [ShopHub SKU] should be consistent with successfully created combo SKU.

E.g. to create a [Product title] as [Kettle*1 + Cup*2], [ShopHub SKU] and successfully created SKU are set the same as [[Kettle *1 Cup *2]

Step 3, go to [Products] > [Product library], select successfully created products, then click [Add to store] at below, choose target store and click [Confirm]. Products is added to store’s draft box.


Step 4, go to [Products] > [SHOPLINE], click [Draft box] in the status bar, select products with combo SKU, click [Edit] and complete product information. Once completed, click [Publish] at bottom right corner, the product with combo SKU will be published to channel store.

Step 5, connect SKU

Establish relationships between combo SKU and channel SKU, and deduct inventory through that relationship.

Please refer to: What is Connect SKU?

Attention: if SKU is not connected, system will not be able to deduct ShopHub warehouse inventory in real time when products with combo SKUs are sold in channel store.



2, use combo SKU to modify on-sale product SKU:

When we need to add combo SKU to products on sale, you can add or modify SKU in product listing page, so as to ensure combo SKUs are shown in channel products and customers can choose to purchase them.



Three, How to calculate combo SKU inventory quantity?

Combo SKUs are combined with warehouse inventory SKUs. By setting the quantity of SKUs being combined, then calculate combo SKU inventory quantity based on available inventory and combination quantity of SKU. Once SKUs are connected, system will deduct inventory of corresponding sub SKU for the warehouse once combo SKUs are sold as products in the channel store.



Combination quantity = number of SKUs being combined in a single combo SKU

Combo SKU inventory value = minimum value of each combined SKU(available inventory / combination quantity)

Deducted quantity of SKU being combined = sold combo SKU quantity * combination quantity


How to calculate available inventory of combo SKU?

E.g.  SKUa = kettle, with available inventory quantity as 20

        SKUb=cup with available inventory quantity as 30

Combo SKU: SKUa*1+SKUb*2= SKUc(kettle*1 + cup*2)

Combo SKU(SKUc) warehouse inventory = MIN(20/1,30/2) = 15. So available inventory quantity of SKUc is 15


How to calculate deducted amount of ShopHub inventory?

Once products are sold for SKUc*n in channel store, system will deduct [SKUa=1*n] and [SKUa=1*n] in real time from ShopHub warehouse inventory