V2.1.2 Optimization on Order Inventory Replenish Setting & Automatic Order Info Covering

One, supports custom range for order inventory replenishment

Go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [Order inventory replenishment], supports enabling automatic inventory replenishment by all/channel/store. 

Once enabled, Inventory replenishment for Returned/Refunded/Cancelled orders will be executed based on each channel rules


Two, [Order] supports automatic covering of updated product information/recipient information for [Unpaid] orders

Go to [Setting] > [Order setting] > [Order information], ShopHub will automatically cover the latest update for recipient information or product information modified in channel Admin of [Unpaid] orders.

Three, supports shipping label printing for SHOPLINE 1.0 orders integrated with 711 and C2C logistics

Go to [Orders] > [Order fulfillment], supports printing shipping label through ShopHub for orders that have completed integrated 711 and C2C logistics in [Delivery setting] of SHOPLINE 1.0 Admin.