How to manage manual orders?

ShopHub now supports manual creating orders. The created order can be fulfilled in ShopHub for fulfillment, inventory deduction, etc. According to your business needs, you can manually create orders that cannot be synchronized into ShopHub, such as offline stores or unauthorized stores, and add them to ShopHub orders for unified management.

This article includes below sections:

  • How to create a manual order?
  • How to handle manual orders in ShopHub?
  • How to deduct inventory for manual orders?


One, How to create a manual order?

ShopHub supports creating manual orders one by one or using the bulk creation

1, create a single manual order

Step1  Set up for Manual Store

Before creating a manual order, you need to create a manual store that carries the order.( If the manual store has already been created, this step can be skipped.)

First navigate to [Settings > Manual Store] and click [Authorize New Store] on your top right corner. Fill in the corresponding store information according to the instructions on the page. After filling in, click [OK] to complete the creation.

Step 2  Manually Create Order

1. Navigate to [Order > Ship Orders] and click [Create an Order] on the top right corner, and enter the order creation page.

2. Fill in the corresponding order information according to the prompt on the page, and click [Save] after filling in, and the manual order creation is completed.


Reference order: You can select an existing order in ShopHub for information reference and quickly create an order. Some information such as recipient information, payment information, product information, and message remarks of the selected order can be cited, and basic information needs to be filled in manually;

1、Store: The store to which the created manual order belongs. Only the created handmade stores can be selected, and authorized stores cannot be selected;

2、Order Status: The order status of manual orders, currently available: To Process, Pending, Delivered

3、Product Information: Required, only ShopHub SKUs that are currently in the warehouse can be selected

Step 3  Successfully Created Orders will appear on selected order list

You can perform corresponding order operations according to the order status, and the processing method is the same as the channel synchronization order. Manual orders are individually identified.

2, create manual orders in bulk

Go to [Orders] > [Order fulfillment], click [Import orders] at top right corner, download the template and enter the information in bulk


Two, How to handle manual orders?

In ShopHub management menu, manual orders have 5 kinds of statuses including [Pending], [Unfulfilled], [Fulfilled], [Delivered] and [Abnormal], so as to make it convenient for managing the creation, deletion, fulfillment and inventory deduction of manual orders


You can apply for waybill numbers for manual orders in this status. After entering the waybill number, order status will be transferred to [Unfulfilled].

Procedures to apply for waybill number: go to [Orders] > [Order fulfillment] > [Pending], click [Apply for waybill number] at top right corner, set logistics information and complete the application"

  •  Shipping methods of manual orders can be selected as OneShip or custom logistics
  •  If you use OneShip, you need to authorize the OneShip account.
  • Please refer to: How to authorize OneShip account?
  •  This status supports printing picking list(package picking list, channel SKU picking list, brand picking list)

2、 [Unfulfilled]

• You can confirm the status and click [Fulfill], manual orders will be moved to [Fulfilled] status.

• This status supports printing shipping label, invoice and picking list(package picking list, channel SKU picking list, brand picking list)

3、 [Fulfilled]

Manual orders in this status have been shipped out while in not arrived in logistics status

  • This status supports printing shipping label, invoice and picking list(package picking list, channel SKU picking list, brand picking list)


When confirmed the manual order status changed to [Completed/Picked up], you can move the manual order to this status

5、 [Abnormal]

If returns/refunds occur in manual store, and you need to terminate the manual order process or deleting manual order, you can move all manual orders in [Pending], [Unfulfilled], [Fulfilled], [Delivered] status to [Abnormal].

In [Pending], [Unfulfilled], [Fulfilled], [Delivered] status, select manual order and click [Move to Abnormal] button at right side, the manual order process will be terminated, but its information can still be found in [Abnormal] status


Three, Inventory deduction of manual orders

Both manual orders and channel orders share the same logic on inventory deduction. Once turned on [Inventory deduction], ShopHub will automatically deduct ShopHub SKU warehouse inventory based on SKU association. If the function is turned off, you can choose the manual deduction

1, automatic inventory deduction

When manual orders are fulfilled outside Shophub and products in those orders have completed SKU association, you can enable [Automatic deduction]. Once enabled, system will automatically deduct warehouse inventory for associated products in manual orders once those order statuses are [Fulfilled] or [Delivered].

Step 1, go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [Order deduction], click Enable

Step 2, choose the order type and mode for automatic inventory deduction, then click [Next]

Step 3, set the deduction time, click [Confirm] and start the automatic deduction for manual orders

2, manual inventory deduction

When manual orders are fulfilled outside Shophub and in [Fulfilled] and [Delivered] status, ShopHub supports deducting the inventory manually

Go to [Orders] > [Order fulfillment] > [Fulfilled/Delivered], select manual orders and click [Deduct inventory] at the right side then product inventory quantity in the order will be deducted accordingly"