How to count inventory?

ShopHub supports counting remaining product quantity in the physical warehouse and comparing with warehouse inventory. You can count parts or all of the inventory quantity in warehouse to accurately understand sales availability of your products and strengthen your inventory management.

There are 3 kinds of inventory count:

  • Pending count: an inventory count will enter Pending count status after being created successfully.
  • Count in progress: inventory count for part of SKUs are completed, while there are still some SKUs are left to be counted.
  • Count finished: inventory count for all SKUs required have been completed


1. Create an inventory count

Step 1, go to [Inventory] > [Count], click [Create an inventory count] at top right corner

Step 2, enter basic information, select [Warehouse] and [Counting type], click [Add SKU] and select products, then click [Confirm]

(1) Counting type: ShopHub supports [Count by SKU] or [Count by warehouse]

     a. Count by SKU: add SKU required for counting

     b. Count by warehouse: select warehouse for counting, all SKUs of this warehouse are contained in this inventory count

(2) Each inventory count contains at most 1000 SKUs, and system will automatically generate multiple counts if maximum limit is exceeded.

Step 3, add required products to details page of inventory count, click [Create] at bottom right corner to complete inventory count creation


2. Inventory count status flow

When the inventory count is successfully created, there will be 3 kinds of status: [Pending count], [Count in progress], [Count finished], corresponding inbound/outbound orders will be generated and the result will be confirmed and updated in warehouse inventory for you to check and track the count at any time

(1)Pending count

Successfully created inventory count will be transferred to [Pending count] status. In this status you can select to [Start to count] or [Delete]

  • Start to count: click [Start to count] and officially start to count SKUs in the warehouse, then this inventory count will be transferred to [Count in progress] status
  • Delete: click [Delete] and this inventory count will be deleted with confirmation

(2)Count in progress

SKUs of the inventory count are being counted. When clicked [Start to count] in [Pending count] status, the inventory count will enter this status. In [Count in progress] status you can check the progress of SKU counting, record and save latest SKU quantity that counted and leave related notes.

How to edit SKU quantity of an inventory count?

Step 1, go to details page of [Count in progress], click [Start to count] and enter basic information page


Step 2, enter latest quantity of counted SKUs in warehouse in [Counted quantity]

  • [Inventory quantity] < [Counted quantity], [Count results] will show [Overages]
  • [Inventory quantity] = [Counted quantity], [Count results] will show [Balanced]
  • [Inventory quantity] > [Counted quantity], [Count results] will show [Shortages]
  • Click [Save]: save result of inventory count this time, counting status is still in [Count in progress] and you can make another count and modify the counting data
  • Click [Complete counting]: inventory count status will be [Count finished]. SKUs with counted quantity not entered will be taken without need for any counts by default

(3)Count finished

When you have completed counting for all SKUs required, status of inventory count will enter [Count finished]. In this status you can adjust inventory based on counted SKU quantity.

a. click [View]: supports viewing basic information of the inventory count.


b. click [Adjust inventory]: adjust to warehouse inventory based on counted SKU quantity

go to basic information page of inventory adjustment order, click [Adjust inventory] at bottom right corner, the warehouse inventory will be replaced by counted quantity