How to create a purchase order?

ShopHub supports creating purchase orders. You can create purchase orders, track the progress and give them to suppliers for execution based on sales plan and actual sales condition, etc.

Four kinds of status of a purchase order:

  • To be received: a purchase order will enter To be received status once being successfully created
  • Partially received: part of SKU in the purchase order has been confirmed for inbound, and other SKUs are in transit.
  • Received: all SKUs are confirmed and stocked in warehouse
  • Cancelled: purchase orders will be archived with this status when they are cancelled


1. Create a purchase order

Step 1, go to [Purchase] > [Purchase order], click [Create a purchase order]

Step 2, select [inbound warehouse], add a supplier, then click [Add SKU], select the product SKU for purchase, click [Confirm]

  • All the SKUs are added from warehouse inventory


Step 3, enter the basic information of purchased products: [Unit purchase price] and [Purchase quantity], then click [Create] to complete creation of purchase order.

  • Total purchase price = unit purchase price * purchase quantity


2. Purchase order status flow

When the purchase order is successfully created, there will be 4 kinds of status: [To be received], [Partially received], [Received] and [Cancelled], corresponding inbound/outbound orders will be generated for you to check and track the purchase at any time.

(1)To be received

Successfully created purchase order will enter [To be received] status. Under this status you can export purchase order information, send it to brand owners and suppliers and prepare for purchases based on your business flows.

Step 1, export purchase order

Go to [To be received] page, select purchase orders and click [Export purchase order] to get their basic information

Step 2, enter SKU quantity received, click Receive for inbound

Go to [To be received] > [View] and enter basic information page of purchase orders. Confirm at page’s bottom right corner and enter SKU quantity, then click [Receive for inbound].

(2)Partially received

Part of SKUs in the purchase order have been received for inbound

  • If [Purchase quantity] of all SKUs > [Received quantity] of all SKUs and there are some SKUs in transit, then this purchase order is incomplete
  • If [Purchase quantity] of all SKUs = [Received quantity] of all SKUs, then this purchase order is completed



When all SKUs are received with quantity entered, and [Purchase quantity] = [Inbound quantity], status of this purchase order will be changed to [Received], and corresponding inventory quantity of SKU in the purchase order will be increased



Supports cancelling purchase order in [To be received] status

Go to [To be received] > [View] and enter basic information page, click [Cancel purchase order] at bottom right corner to complete the cancellation of purchase order.


Manage purchase orders

1. View

You can [View] purchase orders to understand their basic information in [To be received], [Partially received], [Received] and [Cancelled] status.

2. Delete

Delete part of SKUs in the purchase order. Click [Edit] in [To be received] status and enter basic information page, choose the SKU and click [Delete], then part of SKUs in this purchase order will be deleted with confirmation


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