Differences between inbound/outbound record and operation log

Inbound/Outbound Record: mainly contains data changes of ShopHub warehouse inventory. It provides the records of product inbound, outbound, and inventory counting, and the history of inventory updates. Data management of warehouse inventory flows enables you to control the product inventory data in real time.

Operation Log: contains data changes of ShopHub channel inventory. It can track the data change of on-going channel inventory in ShopHub system.

Note: records of warehouse inventory before March 7th, 2023 have been included in the operation log.


1.Inbound/outbound record

In inbound/outbound record, you can find operation time and type of warehouse inventory updates corresponding to the SKU

(1)Find record:

a. filter

You can filter warehouse name, receipt type, operation time and quickly find the product inbound/outbound record.

Go to [Inventory] > [Inbound/outbound record], click [Filter], select filter items and click [Confirm]

b. search by ShopHub SKU

You can use SKU to locate its detailed inbound/outbound history

(2) View record:

Go to [Inventory] > [Inbound/outbound record], you can find operation time and type of warehouse inventory updates of the SKU


2. Operation log

  • Operation time: detailed time of operations in ShopHub
  • Operation module: there are two operations in ShopHub: warehouse inventory and channel inventory
  • Operation type: including manual modification, order deduction, ShopHub inventory push, ShopHub SKU deletion, locked inventory updates, order inventory replenishment, etc.
  • Operation object: product SKU
  • Operation content: contents describing operation details
  • Operator: system or staff

(1) How to find ShopHub operation contents

 a. enter SKU

There are many operation contents in the system, you can identify and select the operation for [Channel products] or [ShopHub SKU] before filtering.

Go to [Inventory] > [Operation log], select [Channel products] or [ShopHub SKU] at the top left corner, then enter the SKU and click 🔍 icon

b. start to [filter]

Go to [Inventory] > [Operation log], click [Filter] at top right corner, then select contents in [filter modules], [Operation types], [Operation time] to locate and find your target.

(2) Operation failure

Operation log will be separated into [Operation success] and [Operation failure] in ShopHub, change record of operation failures can be viewed in tab [Operation failure]