How to set Shopee automatic boost?

You can set multiple product boost list of Shopee stores in ShopHub, ShopHub will automatically boost those product in loop based on your setting, and it supports long-term boost for part of products.

Set automatically boosted products

Step 1. go to Shopee automatic boost function, select target store

Go to [Promotion] > [Automatically boost product], confirm the store with enabling automatic boost functionmceclip12.png

  • Page will display all Shopee stores with successful authorizations in ShopHub, you can switch them horizontally to change the store

Step 2. click [Select product] at the top right corner, select products to add into automatic boostmceclip19.pngmceclip20.png

  • at most 30 products can be selected and added into looped boost list
  • list only displays [On sale] products

Step 3. automatic boost in loop of products in the listmceclip21.png

  • [Boosted products]: products being boosted in Shopee store
  • [Scheduled products]: products which are automatically picked for boosting when the time of [Boosted products] expires
  • at most 5 product can be picked for boosting in each time period, and they will be displayed in [Boosted products]
  • each boost will take 4 hours
  • products completing the boost will be put at the end of [Scheduled products] sequence, and are boosted in order

Manage automatically boosted products


Click [Remove] at right side, once confirmed, automatic boost will no longer be executed for the product



Fixed boost

If you enable [Fixed boost] for products which are in the automatic boost list, the product will be kept in boosted status and can always be found in [Boosted products]