V2.0.1 Optimizations on sub-account settings & order, product functions

1. [Permission setting] supports sub-account distributing permissions by store

[Settings] > [Permission setting] > [Sub-account management], based on previous sub-account permission settings, system now supports distributing operation permissions of some stores for the sub-account. Different sub-accounts can share the same operation permission.mceclip10.png


  • Sub-account is created with permissions of all stores ticked by default. If you need to modify them, please go to [Settings] > [Permission setting] > [Sub-account management], click [Edit] at the right side of the sub-account.
  • Warehouse inventory, shared inventory, logistics rules will not be affected by changes of store's permissions, data information of all stores will be still visible once the sub-account is granted with permissions above.

2. [Order] function optimization

1) Added automatic covering for order information(product information and recipient information)

SHOPLINE orders which have been synchronized to ShopHub as [Pending], [Unfulfilled], with product quantity and recipient information modified in SHOPLINE Admin, system supports automatic covering according to modified information in ShopHub.mceclip12.png

  • This function is disabled by default, if you need to enable it, please go to [Settings] > [Order setting] > [Automatic covering of order information] and enable it manually.
  • If this function is not enabled, modified product quantity and recipient information need to be covered manually in each order details.

2) Supports editing logistics methods in list page for [Pending] orders


3. [Product] & [Warehouse] supports bulk deleting products

1) Go to [Product] > [Product library] list, bulk select products, a button [delete all products] is added in action bar, then click it to bulk delete all products in the [Product library]mceclip13.png

2) Go to [Inventory] > [Warehouse inventory] list, bulk select SKU, a button [Delete] is added in action bar, then click it to bulk delete selected SKUmceclip14.png


4. Adjustment on left menu

1) Original function configurations in [Setting] > [Function setting] are split into [Basic setting], [Product setting], [Inventory setting], [Order setting], [Warehouse setting] based on different modules, and are all included in [Settings] module.

2) Added [Authorization] menu, including authorizations for [Store], [Social account], [Logistics service provider].

3) Original [Logistics] menu is deactivated, [Logistics rule] setting is included in [Settings] module.