How to set automatic replenish order's inventory

ShopHub supports reverse inventory replenishment for cancelled, turned and refunded orders, and users can decide whether they need to replenish order's inventory

  • Attention:
  • This function is disabled by default
  • Applicable scope: main product, combined product, add-on item, gift SKU; inventory replenishment is available for all as long as they are connected to ShopHub SKU


Use [Order's inventory replenishment] after meeting below conditions:

  • Deducted warehouse inventory for orders through ShopHub
  • Order is in the status of [Cancelled] or [Returned / Refunded]
  • Order's SKU has been connected to ShopHub SKU(for connecting SKU, please refer to: How to connect channel SKU?)

How to enable order's inventory replenishment?

Go to [Settings] > [Inventory setting] > [Order inventory replenishment], and click to enable it


When enabled, ShopHub will replenish deducted warehouse inventory and recover the stock for orders under status [Cancelled] or [Refunded / Returned] once their warehouse inventory is deducted through ShopHub


  • Note:
    If the SKU connection in the order is removed, inventory will be replenished according to original SKU connections when you process the order as [Refund / Return] & [Cancelled]

For more introduction about order's inventory deduction, please refer to:How to set up automatic deduction of inventory?