V1.4.0 Added reverse inventory replenishment and SHOPLINE currency synchronization


One, [Order] new function of reverse inventory replenishment

You can go to [Settings] > [Function setting] and add [Order inventory repleniShopHubment]. Once enabled, system will add back deducted inventory quantity and resume the warehouse inventory for orders with inventory deducted through ShopHub once they are in Cancelled or Refund/Return status



Two, [Product] function optimizations

1, [Product library] function optimization

(1) [Quick publish] button added in the bulk action column


(2) click product name and enter product Information page



2, [Channel product > Drafts] button [publish] added at the bottom of product listing page



Three, [Warehouse inventory] interface optimization

(1) original [Inventory summary] and [Warehouse inventory details] are now combined as [Warehouse inventory details]: when selecting [All warehouses] of filtering options, the whole interface will display original [Inventory summary] page


(2) [Warehouse Stock] added [Associate channel SKU]



Four, SHOPLINE&SHOPLINE v2, [Store setting] list added manual action column for new currency synchronization, store's currency unit of the product module will be automatically updated once being changed