How to manage add-on item & gifts?


If your account has authorized SHOPLINE1.0 store, you can sync add-on items and gifts in your store to ShopHub, and process and manage your products, orders and inventory.


In [Sales] of the menu bar, you can see modules [Add-on item management] and [Gift management], by clicking the module you can check and manage all your add-on items and gifts

  • column [Sales] will only be displayed for merchants who have authorized SHOPLINE1.0 store

For the introduction of gifts, please refer to the article:

For the introduction of add-on item, please refer to the article:


One, sync add-on items and gifts

1, automatic sync

Go to [Settings] > [Product setting] > [Product synchronization], and enable the function [Automatic sync] for your products, then system will automatically sync add-on items and gifts every 1 hour since UTC/GMT+08:00


2, manual sync

Go to [Promotion] > [Add-on item management] / [Gift management], click [Sync add-on item] or [Sync gift], then system will sync add-on items and gifts of SHOPLINE1.0 store to this interface

Two, add-on item & gift added into product library

Same as other SHOPLINE1.0 products, add-on items and gifts will be automatically added into [Product library] only at the first time you authorize SHOPLINE1.0 store, following synchronizations into ShopHub product library should be completed manually


In column [Product library], add-on item and gift inventory status will be displayed, as [Added] and [Not added]. You can find the button [Add into library] under the status [Not added].



Float the mouse upon [Added], then corresponding information of this add-on item & gift in [Product library] will be displayed. You can click the button to jump to the product information page in library.


Note: except adding special marks, actions for inventory management of add-on items and gifts share the same procedures with other general products.


Three, add-on item & gift mark

To separate add-on items & gifts with general products, ShopHub has added yellow and green marks seperately in product library, channel inventory, Connect SKU and order interface for add-on items & gifts.